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In busy schedules personal invation for an occassion becomes time consuming facor, No one could not find much time to invite their guests because especially they will have to focus on occassion and other arrengements.

The guest may forget about the ocassion if the date is too long. You will have to remind !

Apart from this for many reasons you will have to inform about an incident all of sudden. You need instant and effective intimations.

Invita is an interactive information platform and it would be one click solution for your all communication needs , it could an invitaion or information.

We shoudn't compromise as the guest is important for any occasion at the same time the invitaion should effective and make the guest impressive and he should treat digital invitation as personal one.

Invita makes your digital invitation as personal invitation especially three ways

1 Voice

             Create a voice file (prefarably with your own voice)

             The moment lift the phone this pre-recorded voice file will play

             At the end of the file Invita asks

                          "Do you want to listen again?" Press 1

                          "Do you want to get the reminder before the occation?" Press 2

2 Text

             Type your message (Invitation / Information)

             Upload the pic/video that you want to share,Invita provides a link to your guest (receiver) to view it.

             There is an option called "Reminder,
             It reminds your guest about the ocassion one day before."

3 Email

             This option lets you to send invitation by Email.

             Email message could be simple text or Image or Video

             Invita will enale you to compose message easily.